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Common Blackbird_Turdus merula

Several years ago one of my co-workers mother had mysteriously fallen ill and the medical community couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her and she was sick for a couple months before I decided to try and do something for her. This desire to help was such a strong compulsion so I sat down late one night cross legged on my bed closed my eyes and put myself into the trance. After a few minutes I saw her sitting on the grass at the edge of a forest, waiting for something. I had begun working on her, when suddenly a small black bird flew across my vision and landed on the ground next to me, it sang or said something in it’s beautiful voice then my attention was drawn back to the mother sitting on the ground and saw a pure white deer come from the edge of the trees and sit down next to her. I knew that this was her spirit guide and the blackbird had called the deer to her. The blackbird silently flew away brushing my shoulder as it did so. The touch of the blackbird startled me from the trance and I realized that the mother had been reunited with her spirit guide, the white deer. Three weeks pasted and there was very little improvement, so I re-entered the trance and did more healing work on her. Soon thereafter the doctors figured out what was wrong with her and how to treat it and now she is a strong and healthy woman in her seventies.  I like to think that my efforts might have helped them figure out what the problem was.

This was not the only time I’ve seen the blackbird in trance and dreams since it has spoken to me before and she has also played a role in my other shamanic journey’s although this was one of the first journey’s I had done to help (I believe) resolve a problem in another person.  I don’t normally do work on people, preferring to focus on animals, nature and the environment.  Regretfully I never asked her if she was aware of another spirit guide in the form of a white dear since I have always kept my shamanic nature to myself but I did know that she was open to spirit medicine since she practiced it herself. Perhaps that’s why the white dear was so willing to lend its aid.

I’ve seen it written that all birds are messengers from the spirit world and help spirit workers reach altered levels of awareness. The blackbird in particular is associated with the mystical and has been featured in mythology, including the story of Rhiannon and the three blackbirds. The three sit in the world tree and sing a beautiful melody that can sing the dead back to life, the living into the sleep of death or induce a trance so a person can travel to the spirit world to gain mystical wisdom. Those with blackbird medicine make good shamans and can see and move between worlds easily. The blackbird is said to have a beautiful musical voice and those with Blackbird medicine can use their voice to emotionally heal with as I done with myself a few times.

The blackbird sings at dusk and dawn making it a creature of the gateway between day and night. The blackbird is also found in a story in the Mabinogion about Culhwch and Olwen and Culhwch asks the blackbird about the whereabouts of the Mabon son of Modron who is a Welsh hero who had been imprisoned after being kidnaped soon after his birth.  The blackbird is the oldest animal that Culhwch knows of and must encounter it at the gateway of his quest before asking the other animals about any information that they might have about the missing Mabon.

The blackbird is also associated with Archangel Uriel who just happens to be one of the spirit guides that I work with and perhaps the blackbird was one of the ways he manifested or kept on eye on me before I was aware of whom he was or that he was even there.