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I didn’t have much interest in bears until they showed up in a dream that I had several years ago and they don’t show up in my dreams as much anymore so perhaps this guide has left  me or has moved into the background making room for other animals guides that have since appeared.  I had one dream where these animals appeared and think that it has significant meaning.

A description of the dream:

I was walking with my sister and mother through the bush near where I live but the terrain was a bit different than normal. There was a stream and trees all around and four or five brown bears moving around the area. One of the bears stood up on his hind legs and towered over me but didn’t seem hostile. I walked through the trees a short distance and saw an old manor house and went inside. It looked like an old world manor house with lovely wood paneling on the walls and old style furniture. I went upstairs and found a man all dressed in black and his face was in shadow but he seemed friendly enough and he was pointing to the other side of the room. I turned around and saw an enormous bed and realized that this was a safe place I could sleep. I looked out a little window and could see my mother and sister along with one of the bears walking through the forest. The bear seemed to be protecting them or perhaps keeping an eye on them. I realized that the bears where friends of the man in black and they were my protectors or companions. The shadowy man in black has turned out to be my guardian who has appeared in my dreams before.

The bear totem can have different meanings but under the circumstances the bear spirit may have been associated with rest since they were around a home with a bed in it and it would have been around this time when I would have been starting to develop health problems and my spirit guide was telling me that I was in need of more rest as a result. Might have had something to do with sleep since I haven’t always been the best at sleeping and have bouts of insomnia.  Might also have something to do with strength and protection since my guardian was involved and he is a strong individual and the bears probably were trying to communicate about my own strengths and weaknesses. And I’m a solitary and somewhat territorial person who prefers the company of just myself and a few others and I am very protective of my area of space. So I can see why this animal showed up in my dreams when it did.